Which Cartoon Dog is Your Pooch?

He or she is your best friend. The two of you, hopefully, spend quality time together frolicking in the Connecticut countryside or at suburban dog parks and sharing meaningful moments at home. But have you ever thought Fido or Fiona shared some of the same characteristics of their canine cartoon counterparts?

For instance, is your pooch something of an intellectual (and wanna-be human), like Family Guy’s Brian, created by Seth MacFarlane? Or perhaps he or she, like Charles’ Schultz’s famous beagle Snoopy, of Charlie Brown fame, has a penchant for “piloting” a WWI biplane.

There are dozens of cartoon canines for your dog to emulate. And anything goes. I mean, even if your pup sports the diminutive stature of a Toy Breed or Chihuahua, he or she may entertain the ambition of a crime-solving Great Dane such as Scooby Doo. So, given the opportunity, which character do you think your pup would choose?

Here is a link from Mom.me <http://mom.me/> to 12 famous canine cartoon characters, in case you need a little visual reminder: https://mom.me/pets/18989-popular-cartoon-dogs/item/scooby-doo/.

When you’ve narrowed down the list, you might enjoy a website that purports to custom design fictional cartoon dogs as a sort of caricature of your own pride and joy. Once they develop the design you can have it emblazoned on any number of clothing items and accessories. The website is called Cartoonizemydog.com <http://cartoonizemydog.com/> and can be found here athttp://www.cartoonizemypet.com/index.php.

Imagine what a unique holiday gift your pup’s cartoon face would be for a loved one or friend – just sayin’!

Happy Pooch Cartooning!!

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