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Hello! I am the owner of Stamford Off Leash K9 Training! I have been training dogs with OLK9 for approximately five years. It has been my pleasure to so far have worked with more than 200 different dogs, including those I have trained in weekly lessons with their owners as well as those I have trained  though our Off Leash K9 Training Board & Train program. I am comfortable handling dogs of any age, any breed and any size. I grew up getting my hands on as many animals as possible! Outside of the cats, dogs, horses and birds that my family owned, I often visited less domesticated animals such as ostriches, lynx, raccoons, monkeys and other species. I am thrilled to have a career that daily allows me to work with canines and their owners!


Alex grew up in upstate NY where she currently resides. Despite living there, she works with TONS of our Connecticut trainers on a regular basis. She started working with Off Leash K9 Training in 2017. Her background as a cat and dog groomer for more than five years, and her personal relationship with her own German Shepherd “Silas,” helped prepare her for a career as a dog trainer. Alex loves to spend time hiking with Silas and cites watching the animals she trains progress and evolve into happy, obedient pets as what she loves most about her dog training career!


I have always had a passion for working with dogs. I started training professionally straight out of high school and have worked privately as well with multiple animal shelters, rescues and PetSmart. I have worked with Off Leash K9 Training for the past five years, and additionally offer boarding and grooming services as needed. As a certified trainer I take extreme pride in the work I do with each and every dog. It is gratifying to me to assist a client in becoming more proficient with their dog’s obedience and ultimately providing a better quality of life not just for the dog but for the client as well!


Rachel grew up in Connecticut and currently lives in Branford. She previously worked as a Behavior Analyst, working with children and adults with special needs. She transitioned to dog training and began working for Off Leash K9 Training in 2018, and she absolutely loves it! Her favorite part of training is teaching dogs, and their owners, skills that allow them to have a happy and confident life together, and she has a special interest in service dogs. She has a mixed breed dog, TJ, who loves helping with training and hiking all of the beautiful Connecticut parks and beaches.


Before beginning my work with Off Leash K9 Training in 2015, I worked eight years in the pet industry, including professional roles as a manager in a veterinarian’s office. My experience with different breeds of all types, temperaments and behaviors groomed me for a career with OLK9. I have been training with OLK9 since they opened their first Northeastern location in upstate NY in 2014! At home, I have two children and a Bull Mastiff who help me socialize, distract and work the dogs that are in training. I am thrilled with and enjoy the ongoing opportunity to work with dogs and their owners!


Stephanie grew up in Albany, NY and currently resides in New York’s Capital District. She has worked with Off Leash K9 Training since 2016. Her background prior to joining the Albany Off Leash K9 Training team boasted both personal and professional dog training, employment in a veterinary clinic, animal shelter and dog daycare/boarding facility as well as pet grooming. Stephanie’s personal pet family includes “Addie,” a German Shepherd; “Kirby,” a Pit Bull Mix; “Cali,” a Chinese Crested; and “Trixie,” a thoroughbred horse. Taking her canine family on outdoor adventures are Stephanie’s favorite past time. “Stimulating and expanding a dogs brain, watching them think and the moment it clicks for them,” is what Stephanie finds most gratifying as an Off Leash K9 Training dog trainer.

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