2 year old cattle dog

My dog is a very high energy and very stubborn puppy who thinks she rules the world. Thanks to Stephanie, she is learning to listen to me. She is a very sweet dog who did not know how to let others know that she is friendly and only wants them to stop and pet her. She would bark loudly at passers-by and lunge at them. When she came back from spending two weeks with Stephanie, all of her bad behaviors was gone. I was worried about using an e-collar on her but she is very happy with it. Her tail is wagging and she looks up eagerly at me wanting to do what I ask of her. I was very surprised at how low the stimulation on the collar was for training her. The collar goes from 1-100, and Stephanie had her trained to 4 to remind her of her task and 11 to teach her. Plus, my puppy was well cared for and loved. i received pictures and videos of her every other day. Because I am a nervous mommy, Stephanie texted me each day with her progress. I would recommend Stephanie to everyone. In fact, i have already given her name to another dog owner.

6 month old puppy

Rachel from Connecticut OffLeash K-9 training took our 6 month large mix puppy for two weeks. He was very sweet mostly but was a chore to walk & jumped on people at the door etc. He loved to put things in his mouth like most puppies, and it would turn into the big chase & I have to physically pry it from his mouth. We had never been apart from our pets for so long and were really nervous. Hoping for the same sweet dog, with out the issues. The two weeks go by pretty fast and it was so worth the worries, Rachel sent pictures & video updates along the way. Our puppy returned in great shape, healthy & happy. Rachel was so great with him, he knows all of his commands and it is so great to be able to walk him. He sits at the front door and no longer jumps on people. He does great with “come” when he is outdoors. We are totally blown away by the results Rachel achieved in the two weeks & recommend her highly!

8 month old presa canario

We couldn’t be happier with sending our dog, Guinness to Nikki at Connecticut off leash K9 training. We have an 8 month old Presa Canario. For those of you who don’t know it’s a Spanish Mastiff, which is a very stubborn breed. When we would have company he would be so excited that we had no control over him and he would jump on our guests, nip at their clothes, hump them.. you name it he did it. Another issue I had was when I would walk him (he’s 90lbs and I’m petite) it was like playing tug of war if he saw something that excited him. He came back a totally different dog. Still very happy and his goofy innocent playful self but so well behaved. I was able to walk him off leash with distractions surrounding us while he walked by my side and when I told him to sit he sat and didn’t move until I gave him the command to break. Totally different dog. The real test was when our friends came over later that day & he didn’t jump or hump. Such a relief, honestly it was worth every penny spent. Thanks to you we can enjoy our dog without having to worry about him getting out of line.

11 month old rhodesian

We sent our 11 month Rhodesian rescue puppy, Clara, for training and she came back as a new dog! Sara, the trainer, was absolutely fabulous, she has the perfect balance of being an effective trainer and very loving. She provided multiple videos per day and was great about sending updates on Clara’s progress. We’re so impressed at how our dog is responding to the training. We also loved that our dog lived with Sara’s family during her training vs. being at a training facility. We highly recommend Sara and CT OLK9!

11 month old golden retriever

We sent our 11 month old golden retriever to Nikki for the board and train program. With 3 little children around we just didn’t have the time to lay the ground work with training. Nikki was awesome! She sent us updates and has been there to answer questions since we have gotten Baxter back. Baxter still has his puppy personality and still tests us occasionally, but we were given great tools and we are able to manage him now! I would recommend this program to anyone, it is definitely worth the investment! Thank you Nikki!

5 month old golden

We sent our 5 month old Golden Retriever puppy Sophie for training to Off Leash K9 Training with Rachel in Connecticut in early November. Rachel did a fantastic job training both Sophie and us! Rachel sent us pictures and videos of Sophie every day, along with status updates that we loved seeing. To this day she still answers our texts and provides support. One of the many perks this program and company offer. We would highly recommend Rachel and CT K9 Off Leash. We plan on using them again once we get puppy #2!