Flying with Your Pooch; Keep it Safe

I really dislike flying, and my dog isn’t too fond of it either. Over the years, I’ve learned to make as many road trips as possible with my pup in mind. But on the rare occasions we must fly I’ve learned to follow a list of dos and don’ts that I follow religiously. I’d like to share it with you.

Make sure to get a clean bill of health from your pet’s veterinarian, including up-to-date vaccinations (and a record of these that you’ll need to show airline representatives before being allowed to board the plane).

If you pooch is like mine he or she may feel less anxious about traveling if given a tranquilizer or the homeopathic equivalent. Be sure to ask your pet’s vet about this.

If you’ve ever considered but postponed having your pet microchipped this might be a good time to say yes to this practice. Pets can become lost in transit and have even been known to chew their way out of airline-approved crates. Spare yourself the heartache and tragedy of never being reunited with your best friend should this happen.

If your pup is small enough to ride caged in the plane’s cabin make sure to keep his or her crate secured at all times.

If, like my Talia, your pup is a large breed and must ride in the cargo hold, be sure his or her crate is properly marked for identification. A micro-chipped pet can find its way home easier than one that isn’t but a properly identified crate will give your pet an edge from the start.

Some airlines allow you to pay seat fare for your pet but more often the only pets allowed in the cabin are service animals. Be sure to do some research on the matter before selecting an airline.

Veterinarian Mike Paul, a contributing writer for <>, an online magazine, recently shared his perspective on this topic. Follow this link to read his story:

If you have more questions about flying with your pet consult his or her veterinarian.

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