Doggy Love ‘Nose’ No Bounds

The noses have it – true love, that is. Scientists recently revealed that our pooches — courtesy of their discriminating sense of smell – cannot only identify their pet parents with their talented noses but have chosen our unique scent as their absolute favorite!

Pooches hailing from Bridgeport, Fairfield, New Haven or Stamford, CT have some basic things in common with all dogs in New England, the US at large and the all of Planet Earth, for that matter: They process the world through their noses. That’s why a study was recently conducted by the Center for Neuropolicy at Emory University and its findings on the matter were published in 2015 in the journal Behavioral Processes.

Specifically, the study used advanced brain imaging on test dog, said Veterinarian Ernie Ward in his recent online article for Pet Health Network titled New Study Shows You Are Your Dog’s Favorite Smell. Find the complete story at

According to the ScienceDirect website where the study is posted, said Ward, 12 dogs were used, all trained to remain completely still while undergoing an MRI. As the dogs’ brains were scanned, they were presented with five different scents:

•The dog’s own scent

•An unknown dog

•A dog that lived with them

•An unknown human

•A known human that lived with them

When they were presented with materials infused with their owner’s scent their brain’s reward center lit up like crazy, according to a similar online story by <> Managing Editor Tasmai Uppin titled Scientific Proof Your Dog Loves Your with All Their Heart and Nose found here at

So, I guess you could say your dog’s love for you isn’t just skin-deep. Instead, he loves you with his nose, heart and brain!

For more information about your pooch’s propensity for olfactory talent, consult with his or her veterinarian.

And if you have questions or concerns regarding your pup’s behavior challenges, feel free to contact your local Bridgeport, Fairfield, New Haven and Stamford, Connecticut Off Leash K9 Training professional. His or her insight can assist you with issues such as dog aggression, food aggression, canine potty training concerns and canine obedience training!